What's the Furthest Place From Here 1 (2021) Tyler Boss / Skottie Young SET

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What's the Furthest Place From Here 1 Cover A Tyler Boss NM/NM+

What's the Furthest Place From Here 1 Cover C Skottie Young NM/NM+

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg

Penciler: Tyler Boss

Cover Art: Tyler Boss

SYNOPSIS: TRIPLE-SIZED FIRST ISSUE! A postapocalyptic coming-of-age story from 4 Kids Walk into a Bank’s TYLER BOSS & MATTHEW ROSENBURG.

The world has ended. All that remains are gangs of children living among the ruins. But Sid believes there must be something more out there. When she disappears into the wastelands, her gang will risk everything to bring her home. A story about the things that matter most—your survival, your loved ones, and your record collection.

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