What If...? Miles Morales #1 & 4 (2022) SET Paco Medina Controversial Thor Issue

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What If...? Miles Morales 1 Kaare Andrews Variant NM/NM-

What If...? Miles Morales 4 Paco Medina Cover A NM/NM-

Writer: Cody Ziglar, Yehudi Mercado

Penciler: Paco Medina, Luigi Zagaria

Cover Art: Kaare Andrews, Paco Medina

SYNOPSIS: FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD…CAPTAIN AMERICA! What if…Miles Morales had never been bitten by a genetically enhanced spider and became Spider-Man? What if instead…the U.S. government recruited, trained, and granted him incredible powers with the Super-Soldier Serum? What makes Miles a hero no matter the circumstances, no matter the reality?! And are there OTHER super heroes the many Miles of the multiverse might have become instead of Spidey?!

SYNOPSIS: WHOSOEVER HOLDS THIS HAMMER… …if they be worthy, shall possess the power of…THOR. And what if…the Miles Morales of another universe was THOR, THE GOD OF THUNDER?!

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