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Venom The Madness #1

Venom 2 movie under production!!!

SYNOPSIS: "Toxic Kisses"

As Eddie Brock sleeps, he is haunted by a nightmare where he is tormented by a voice. It tells him to embrace the Realm of Insanity and allow himself to bond with even more entities. Brock wakes up when someone ranting about pollution on the street is being attacked. Changing into Venom, Eddie climbs up to the surface from the sewers to save the man from getting beaten. He saves the man, a rescue that is witnessed by Beck Underwood a public defender that is an ally of the underground citizens that Venom protects. The person who Venom rescued is Abby Rubin who was part of the Scaremore Mercury Project. She has been seeking out other Scaremore employees to be part of a class-action lawsuit against Scaremore because their project was making people sick. Rubin explains that the Mercury Project attempted to bond a virus with mercury. The project gave the mercury an amoebic will. Scaremore shut down the project and has been trying to silence people involved. Hearing all of this, Venom offers his help, and Beck accepts him. Eager to please this lawyer, Venom takes the two attackers to get information from them.

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