Joker 2 2nd Print Francesco Mattina Variant 1st Appearance of Vengeance

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Joker 2 2nd Print Francesco Mattina Variant 1st Appearance of Vengeance NM/NM+

Writer: James Tynion IV

Penciler: Guillem March

Cover Art: Frencesco Mattina

SYNOPSIS: Somewhere in Gotham City Cressida is shown entering a mysterious mansion.

Over at Santa Prisca a woman is being injected with Venom as several people wearing Bane masks watch over the process.

Elsewhere some cannibals are shown butchering people’s bodies.

Back in Gotham City, Jim Gordon uses a mini-Batsignal to call Batman to his apartment. When Batman shows up Jim tells him he wants to talk about Joker.

Inside his apartment Jim shows Batman all the information he has put together on Joker’s recent crimes and possible whereabouts. As he does this Jim reveals that Cressida hired him to take down the Joker. Batman asks if this is what Jim wants to do and if he is asking for his approval. Jim says he does want to do this but he only called Batman to help him, hinting he knows Batman’s lack of resource situation in a joking tone.

Jim then shows Batman a drawing of Cressida and asks if Batman knows here. Jim then asks Batman if he can look into Cressida for him while he goes after Joker. Batman agrees.

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