HULK #7 Michael Turner Variant Cover Signed by Frank Cho HOT!!!

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Buyer will receive: 1 Copy of HULK #7 Michael Turner Variant Cover Signed by Frank Cho.

Written by Jeph Loeb, Art by Arthur Adams and Frank Cho.

SYNOPSIS: "What Happens in Vegas"
Finally free of Gamma Base, Bruce Banner travels up to Canada to investigate the scene where the Red Hulk encountered the pack of Wendigo. He finds no trace of the flesh eating creatures and believes that they have left to hunt down the Red Hulk for killing one of their own. Following the Red Hulk's trail, Bruce Banner finds himself in Las Vegas. Just outside of the Circe's Mystic Isle casino he comes across a mob of panicked and gore splattered people fleeing for their lives. Running into the casino, Banner witnesses the Wendigo attacking people. Banner begins to feel his transformation coming on, and tries to resist is. However, he loses control when he watches as a woman is dragged away to her death. Instead of transforming into the green Hulk, Banner transforms into his grey alter-ego, Joe Fixit.

Happy to be back in Las Vegas, Fixit knocks one of the Wendigo clear out of the casino. Soon the Hulk comes tumbling out himself with the rest of the Wendigo pack swarming around him. As he fights the creature off he is suddenly struck in the back with a number of crescent-shaped objects. Turning around, he witnesses the arrival of Moon Knight. The masked hero tells the Hulk to leave, but Fixit refuses. Leaping at the hero, Hulk sends Moon Knight crashing to the ground. Moon Knight manages to temporarily blind the Joe, but he manages to knock the hero out. Before the Hulk can pummel Moon Knight anymore he is ordered to stand down by Ms. Marvel and the Sentry.

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