Amazing Spider-Man #88-93 SET 1st Queen Goblin 1st Chasm Adams Gleason

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Amazing Spider-Man 88 1st Print Cover A NM/NM+

Amazing Spider-Man 88 2ndPrint Gomez Variant NM/NM+

Amazing Spider-Man 89 1st Print Cover A NM/NM+

Amazing Spider-Man 90 1st Print Cover A NM/NM+

Amazing Spider-Man 91 1st Print Cover A NM/NM+

Amazing Spider-Man 92 1st Print Cover A NM/NM+

Amazing Spider-Man 93 1st Print Cover A NM/NM-

Amazing Spider-Man 93 1st Print Gleason Variant NM/NM-

Writer: Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson

Penciler: Michael Dowling, Patrick Gleason, Sara Pichelli

Cover Art: Arthur Adams, Carlos Gomez, Patrick Gleason

SYNOPSIS: Who is QUEEN GOBLIN?! For almost sixty years, Spider-Man has been defined by Goblins, and Ben Reilly has a brand-new one all his own.

After her first showdown with Ben Reilly, Queen Goblin now faces THE BLACK CAT! This will be a showdown for the ages - as you see just how horrifying this queen's reign will be.

QUEEN GOBLIN IS TRIUMPHANT! The Daily Bugle is decimated. Can Ben Reilly bounce back and take down the Queen Goblin?

“BEYOND” NEARS ITS END! WHAT IS BEHIND DOOR Z?! Ben makes his way to the same place Miles Morales was last at, and he is nowhere to be found. Just door after door of true horrors. Any door’s resident could kill Spider-Man, but Door Z’s might just destroy the whole city!

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LIZARD?! And what could he (or more accurately, it, after recent ASM events) possibly have to do with what has been battering Ben Reilly around? Only one issue to go, so you know, BIG STUFF IS HAPPENING HERE!!!

THE BIG FINALE OF “BEYOND”!!! SPIDER-MAN VS. SPIDER-MAN! You may surprise yourself with who you’re rooting for. Don’t miss the conclusion to one of the most surprising Spider-Stories of the past decade.

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